Monitoring Remote Equipment – The Server Room

Monitoring Remote Equipment – The Server Room

Monitoring Remote Equipment – The Server Room

Monitoring Remote Equipment – The Server Room

The server room in general consist of many powerful computers since it is the server that manages the remaining computers connected to it via the network. If the server is slow or off that would mean that all the connected workstations are just about useless boxes.

Hence it is vital that a server computer be operational at all times and to do so it is necessary to monitor the equipment. It pays to install some remote monitoring equipment since the server room is best left isolated and undisturbed.

Very few realize the true meaning of optimal operating temperate of their computer equipment recommended by the manufacturer. In fact the humidity factor also needs to be considered to make sure the server computer equipment is not damaged.

Environmental conditions usually have a large impact on the reliability and life of the server equipment in for the form of computers, switches and routers. It is not uncommon for the server equipment to stop functioning properly suddenly.

Monitoring Remote Equipment – The Server Room

Monitoring Remote Equipment – The Server Room

This is often attributed to some other reason and the server is fixed at a service station. It is thus almost overlooked in each case that the main cause for the breaking down of equipment was the temperature and the humidity level in the server room.

For those who do realise that monitoring the temperature and humidity factors in the server room can go a long way in solving the major problems and blow ups there are remote temperature monitoring systems available that can make you life much easier by providing you will all the necessary parameter of you much valued server room right on your palm at all time.

Why wait:

It is generally not advisable to wait until you have a server blow up before opting for remote temperature monitoring solutions. It is actually quite clear that the entire server room needs to be monitored at all times.

Environmental Monitoring Systems can help detect critical conditions in your server room involving the temperature, humidity to name a few. In fact one of the most common environmental threats in a server room would be the wiring closet or the server room itself.

It is amazing how much power is packed into those server machines. In spite the fact the machines themselves do have a great deal of cooling equipment in the form of fans and even liquid cooling; sometime that is just not enough. With the amount of demand for resources from the networked computers and the processes running on the server itself, it is likely that your server has to run on maximum frequency for a long period of time.

Running at high frequency does not damage your Server; but it does generate a lot of heat; In fact with continuous usage at high frequency the Server’s own cooling device may not be sufficient and you may require additional cooling.

Where size does not matter:

It is common for the servers, PCs, PBX, Switches and Firewalls not to react well at very high temperature or humidity. In such as situation the size of your firm does not matter. Since where you are a big company or a small one you are bound to have a server room of some sorts these days.

This may be in a small cupboard, a large room or even over an entire floor of a building. And there is on fact that remains the same which is that in either case you have invested a large amount of money into the making to the server room which is likely to be a major and critical part of your business and something that you cannot afford to be without.

The worst that could happen:

Ignoring the signs and requirements for the need monitoring your server room could have many repercussions. It may be that one fine day you cease to receive you important emails or are unable to send any either; in fact it may be as bad as not being able to access the emails at all. This would also mean that the shared documents would also be inaccessible.

Not to mention the phones would be down as well since the systems are pretty much integrated. Many companies go only as far as installing a UPS to stabilise the voltage but it would go a long way if they went a little further and also invested in a temperature monitoring systems as well.

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