How to Make Your Local Business Popular in New Jersey

How to Make Your Local Business Popular in New Jersey

How to Make Your Local Business Popular in New Jersey


  1. Long-tail Keywords
  2. Choose a Good Name
  3. Titles and Descriptions
  4. Responsive Design
  5. Don’t Forget About the Sitemap
  6. Optimize for Local Search
  7. Improve the Structure
  8. Add Descriptions to Your Images
  9. Improve Your Content
  10. Earn Backlinks
  11. Track Your Results

How to Make Your Local Business Popular in New Jersey


How to Make Your Local Business Popular in New Jersey

How to Make Your Local Business Popular in New Jersey

Most people think SEO is tough, and indeed it is. To run a website, you don’t have to be a SEO zen master. We would recommend you to study the basics of SEO with this article and hire a professional SEO specialist to do all the dirty work for you. Why study then?

First of all, because you need to know how your website works. Second, because after you have everything in place and working you may want to become your own SEO specialist. But mind you, you need a professional to put everything in its place on your new website. How to Make Your Local Business Popular in New Jersey

Long-tail Keywords
Not all keywords were created equal, and some of them are really bigger than others (those usually have more words in them). A keyword is basically the phrase your target client will use to find something through a search engine. So, if you own a T-shirt store, your potential clients will likely type the words “best T-shirts” into the search box. Most people are lazy, so shorter keywords are the most popular ones. A person will see thousands of results after entering “best T-shirts”, and the competition among the result shops is huge.

To avoid it, try adding words to your short- tail keywords, and you will see how they bring less and less results. Try to find the right words for your target audience and add them to your keyword combination. Think about adding your store location, or some specific characteristics of your products that people may be searching for.

Choose a Good Name
Choose a good hosting provider and register your domain name. Your business name will be one of the key elements that determine your market success. Pay much attention to choosing and optimizing it. Just think about it: what will potential clients encounter first when they get to know your brand?

What will they have to type into a browser address box to access your content? Yes, it’s your business name. Apart from nice and catchy, the name should be informative and tell people as much as possible about things you do. And of course, you will want to add your most important keyword right into your domain name. This will give your website better chances to top Google search.

Titles and Descriptions
First, you need to fill your titles and descriptions – metadata – properly. Use special titles for all the pages in your website – not just the homepage. Otherwise, the crawler may think that you have duplicate content on your website. This may mean that your site’s rating will go down.

Make sure your titles and descriptions are not only unique but attractive. Add keywords to them and try to make them irresistible for potential customers.

Responsive Design
It is no use competing for search results if your website can look awful on a smartphone or tablet screen. A half of all searches are done via mobile devices, and this percentage will continue growing.

Remember that it is not enough to make your site adaptable to different screen sizes – it should be compatible with all browsers and load fast enough. Websites that load slowly and don’t provide good mobile UX fall out of competition and don’t deliver revenues.

How to Make Your Local Business Popular in New Jersey

Don’t Forget About the Sitemap
Your website should have a plan that shows how pages are cross-linked. In order to rate it, search engines will have to crawl it. Isn’t it a good idea than to give them a map? By doing this, you will help the crawler do its work more easily and it will improve your SEO rating. You can submit your sitemap via Google Search Console.

Optimize for Local Search
If you are a local entrepreneur, you are most likely to want people who live in your neighborhood to come to you. But even your neighbors from New Jersey will not drop by unless they find your business via search engines.

So, you need to get your business on the map. Fill out your profile on My Business by Google, and people searching Google maps (we all do that, don’t we) will find out about your business. If you’re good enough, your contacts may appear in the Box on the top of the page where 3 most popular businesses in the neighborhood appear.

Also, submit your contacts to local directories, but don’t be content with just one of them.

Improve the Structure
Your website is usually as good as its structure. First of all, the crawler will need to navigate your site and understand its hierarchy. Then, users will also prefer a resource that has an understandable structure that follows “the three click rule” – any content on a website should be accessible in three clicks. Following the rule is essential if you want people to spend time on your website and visit all its pages – these are important factors that influence your SEO rating.

Add Descriptions to Your Images
If you’ve read other posts on our blog, you know that a good website is rich in visual elements, such as photos and videos. Lot’s of beautiful stuff makes visitors happy and encourages them to come back. This will influence your SEO rating positively.

However, Google crawler doesn’t have the eyes to see your awesome visuals, it needs to read about them. So your task is to add smart descriptions to all your pictures, tables, and drawings. These text names will also help users to find your pics with Google Image Search and come visit your website. Double profit!

How to Make Your Local Business Popular in New Jersey

Improve Your Content
Content is still king, and it will always be. Your SEO rank and overall profitability depend on the quality of stuff you publish on your website. Your content should be:

Original – meaning that you haven’t plagiarized it from anywhere
Useful – it must bring value to its readers
Up to date – you should keep it in line with the latest trends and news.
If you follow these three principles, your blog will be loved b the audience, and your SEO rating will skyrocket.

Earn Backlinks
Sometimes you need a little help from friends to get popular, similarly, your website needs backlinks from big famous and smaller resources to get higher on Google rating. This is the most important factor in your SEO optimization, and it’s not so easy to achieve. Asking for backlinks is called Google outreach, there are several ways to do it:

Post killers content that popular media will love to link to
Apply as a source for HARO
Find old inactive resources and build links from them
Create big guides on your topic
Guest Post
Get mentioned in social media

Track Your Results
Study and analyze your website’s metrics regularly, track the effectiveness of all your SEO optimization efforts. Google offers the powerful Analytics tool to inform you about your current SEO successes. You must be informed as to how many people visit your site, how much time they spend there, from which countries they come. There are plenty of free and paid SEO tools that will help your rock Google search. Find out more about them in the complete list of SEO tools by Backlinko.

And lastly, don’t forget that you’ve learned only the basics of SEO. There are so many techniques and secrets that can improve your you site’s rating. Our SEO optimization specialists will turn your business into an online sensation in several weeks.

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