How To Improve Alexa Ranking Below 10k Within Short Time

How To Improve Alexa Ranking Below 10k Within Short Time

How To Improve Alexa Ranking Below 10k Within Short Time

Every Blogger wants to improve Alexa ranking quickly like under 10,000 within a short time and new blogger wants it a lot. Do you want to improve your blog’s Alexa ranking quickly. Today I will give you some hot tips how to improve Alexa ranking quickly within short time. I hope that, It will help to every blogger even who works in oDesk and don’t apply like this job because I am trying to discuss all matter to get better ranking in Alexa.

Lets see how can we get Alexa ranking under 10000 within 3 months.

increase alexa rank below 10k in the next 3 months

Read below the all hot tips to improve blog/site’s Alexa ranking quickly.

How To Improve Alexa Ranking Below 10k Within Short Time

How To Improve Alexa Ranking Below 10k Within Short Time

1. Claim your site and add a site’s description, contact information in Alexa.

increase alexa ranking

At first, claim your site in Alexa by submitting your site’s link. To claim your site in Alexa visit this link. Here you have to verify your blog or sites by adding verification code in your blog or download the file for verification and upload it to your server. After completing your verification, then you have to add your site’s total data like sits’s title, description, logo, owner etc and also your contact info.

2. Use Alexa widget on your site.

how to improve alexa ranking qucily

In this step use widget of Alexa on your site. It will help you to get good ranking in directly and indirectly. This is because, use Alexa traffic widgets and Review widgets on your site.

3. Install the Alexa toolbar in your browser

Who are doing webmaster work they have to give more concentration about Alexa ranking. It is very important and much more effective to increase Alexa rank quickly. Here you will get this toolbar download it and install on your browser then restart the browser. Now you would see the toolbar on the top of your browser.

4. Try to collect some reviews in Alexa by better commenting.

Many blogger’s think to improve Alexa ranking, review is one of the most important factors. That is why, try to get better reviews from your visitors by inspiring them. Invite your friends and tell them to write a good review about your site and submit it in Alexa. To write a review about your site in Alexa you must have to an account. You can also use Facebook account to submit reviews in Alexa.

Try to post regularly, it is really so helpful to improve Alexa ranking quickly. You should have some knowledge on SEO in both sectors on page and off page optimization because if you have much visitor to your site, then it will take some little time to improve your Alexa ranking below 10000.

Build internal links into your post, it will help you to increase your page views and decrease bounce rate. it is helping you to get better Alexa because Alexa gives more priority on page views and bounce rate.

Sometimes write an article about Alexa ranking factor and publish it on your blog. If you have some post about an Alexa ranking factor in your blog, then it will also help you to deduct Alexa rank quickly. Beside it try to write some reviews about Alexa toolbar. By reading your article your visitors will be inspired and they will install the toolbar on their browser.

There is an another effective tips that is, visit your site more and more and with this your website’s average site time will increase. Believe me it is a best effective way to get better Alexa rank.

Here are some other important tips to improve Alexa ranking quickly

I see that, to improving Alexa rank WP site allow trackbacks and create trackbacks and it helps a lot. You can use it.

If you want to reduce your Alexa ranking by investing money, then you can use Alexa site audit. It is an SEO analysis tool. It will cost 199$ to use this tool.

You can use the Alexa redirect plugin on your site. Many bloggers used it, but I think it doesn’t help us longtime.

Mozilla has an extension, it is ReloadEvery. It will reload your site’s page every minute. Don’t use this in Adsense site.

You can use Alexa auto surf software/tools it works a lot. Many webmasters thought that Alexa auto surf is a black hat policy.

I think that, All tips will help you to improve Alexa ranking quickly. Use this trick on your blog to improve Alexa rank quickly.


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