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How to Get Facebook Likes quickly For your Business?

How to Get Facebook Likes quickly For your Business?

How to Get Facebook Likes quickly For your Business?


How to Get Facebook Likes quickly For your Business? Facebook is a social networking website launched on Feb 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Since the begning of the Facebook, the popularity of Facebook is growing up and still it’s going on same way. As of may 2012 Faceboook have more than 900 million active users and half of that using Facbook on Mobile devices.

I have already described about the brand value of Facebook on my post “How to Create Facebook ad Campaign”. Facebook has become the one of the essential part of the social network. If you want to promote your products, website or anything else related to web to worldwide then Facebook is the best and most efficient platform to do it.

Facebook allows brand to create a page on which is called Facebook fan page. Brand promotes their Facebook fan page to ask people to like it. As much likes you will get for your page, your brand will be popularize. So it is better to get Facebook likes as much as you can.

How to Get Facebook Likes quickly For your Business?

How to Get Facebook Likes quickly For your Business?

But this is not an easy task. You have to put lot of hard work to get thousands of Facebook likes. As this is not easy so many questions appears in people mind like how to get thousand of Facebook likes, How much 1000 Facebook likes cost, How to get free Facebook likes etc.

The answer of all that questions is that you just need to be little trickier to get lots of Facebook likes to your Facebook fan page.

Here are some tips which will help you to get Facebook likes quickly.

How to Get Facebook Likes quickly For your Business?

Active Engagement is Necessary

If you want to get likes for you Facebook page, then you need to be likeable first. Your page should be organized because disorganized Facebook fane page could turn off customers instantly. Whenever users visit on your FB page quality content, consistent posting of fresh information and your active engagement is necessary to get likes. For example keep replying to your fans comments.

Customize Your Facebook Fan Page

Once you have created the fan page. You need to customize it, give your fan page a unique and attractive look. Hire a Facebook page developer to customize your fan page. This will have great impact on people.

Make Use of your Forums Membership and Signatures.

If you are an active member of good Alexa ranked forums like forums.digitalpoint, warriorforum, V7n forum etc. You have to make use of your signature. Add your Facebook fan page link in your signature with clickable text. As long as your participation will be appreciated in the forums people will show interest in your signature links.

Join Relevant Groups

Make search on Facebook for groups with interest which are similar to you and join them. You can post about your page on Facebook groups and ask group’s people to join your fane page. Whenever you go for joining a group makes sure that group is similar to your page.

Use Facebook Advertising

I have already described about Facebook ad Campaign in my old post. To get the benefit from Facebook ad Campaign you need to invest some money, however it is the tested and fastest way of getting the lots of Facebook likes in less number of time. The main benefit of this is that your page advertisement will show to your targeted audience only.

Invite your friends and email contacts.

This is the most powerful and free method to get Facebook likes. There is having an option with that you can invite your Facebook friends to like your page. Facebook also provide you option to invite your e-mail contacts (from any mail server like gmail, yahoomail, hotmail etc) to like your page.

How to Get Facebook Likes quickly For your Business?

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