How To Write a Killer Article To İmprove Search Engine Ranking

How To Write a Killer Article To İmprove Search Engine Ranking

How To Write a Killer Article To İmprove Search Engine Ranking

How To Write a Killer Article To İmprove Search Engine Ranking

It’s more importance of unique content to improve search engine ranking . Article writing is so easy. Oh, sorry It is much easier to write an obituary article but writing a well organized article is like an art. If you can write a better article than this post not for you. If you are not good in writing unique article then let’s see how to write a killer article to improve search engine ranking.

How To Write a Killer Article To İmprove Search Engine Ranking

How To Write a Killer Article To İmprove Search Engine Ranking

Choose a good topic to write well :

First you have to make a decide what you are going to write about your chooseble topics. You could not write anything if you do not have a better idea about your topics. That’s because first you have to bet fixed your writing topics.

Research :

How much you know about your selected topics ? If you have good knowledge about this topic it’s ok or if you do not have them ?

Yes, that time you need to spend a little time to research the subject. If you know better, then try to do a little research before start writing. You can search in Google with your selected keyword to get a better idea. By this way you will get better ideas.

However the articles or you have decided you will write a unique article with more information. You have to will scrutinize their article but the impression of their article would not get into your article.

Your writing style, Your better delivery style on any subject, you writing style with more informative information all thing should be different and standard. If you are trying with this way it could not bet one or two days but one day you will must be a good qualityful article writer.

Keyword :

You must want that your keword get good ranking in search engine. If you want, therefore you should do better keyword research. Your keyword will get rank quickly if you used long tail keyword. It is too easy to get rank and increase your blog traffic by using long tail keyword than a short tail keyword or head keyword. Usually consists of three or more words are called long tail keyword and head keyword consist one or two words. Head keywords are much more competitive to get rank in Search enginee.

Keyword Density :

When you will write an article then the subject will be kept in mind. You would write articles for your visitor and the visitors are just one of the readers of your article and also Search engine. Do not use many times your keyword in your article then your reader will be boring. That is why used keyword to be no preference. Usually it is better to not use more than 3-4%.


Your article should have better starting with some attractive sentences. Many visitors will try to read full article after reading one or two lines. Just think what is the fault of these visitors ? When you read some article that time you also did like that.

In the setting you can say about your article and the most knowledgeable thing that they will get after reading your article as like my starting.

Article Body :

This is the most important part of an article. It’s too easy to write how ? Try to remember you told in starting your article now you have to describe it with more important information and also you have to focus on the good things of this article.

Try to make understand them about the article. The more you could understand him the more you will get reader support.

Conclusion :

Writing conclusion is too much easier than write the body. Here just you can tell where they can apply it what the benefit of this article. You can also ask some question to your visitors. You ask like this question.

What are you thinking ?

Do you think you could do it ?

What do you think it is easy or difficult ?

Review :

You should review at least once after completing you write. If you can then three or four times. Try to find out there has any mistake or not, any information need to be added or not. The visitor will understand or not. Check on your article has any grammatical errors or not. Now, published it on your blog.

Try to follow all of these steps to write a unique article to improve search engine ranking and also increase your website traffic.


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